L'oeil de la Genève Internationale
August 2017

The 20th edition of the Fête de la Presse & de la Communication, organized by the Geneva Press Club, will take place on 31 August at La Pastorale. Since its creation in 1997, the Geneva Press Club has hosted over 30 heads of states or prime ministers, and organised numerous events, including around a hundred press conferences with ambassadors and world leaders, among them Fidel Castro, Kofi Annan, Henry Kissinger and the Dalai Lama. These events have served as the basis for thousands of articles, television reports and radio interviews around the world.

The first meeting between US President Ronald Reagan and Secretary-General of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev took place at the Geneva Summit, in November 1985. In this photo, journalists await the two leaders’ joint press conference, an historic event in the context of the Cold War.

One of the most highly regarded British photographers of his generation, Peter Marlow began his career as a photojournalist with the Sygma news agency in 1976. He joined Magnum Photos in 1980, remaining there for rest of his career.