L'oeil de la Genève Internationale
October 2022

This 27 October, on the occasion of UNESCO's World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, the geneveMonde.ch platform, will be launched. A unique editorial initiative, never realized before: telling the story of international Geneva with the help of RTS archives, organizations present in Geneva, and especially with documents from the public. It is thus a new form of storytelling that will take shape throughout publications in a participatory dynamic. The ambition of geneveMonde.ch, composed of two journalists and a historian, is to identify all those moments of history that allow a better understanding of the "world city" that is Geneva and to contribute to opening it up in the eyes of the general public. This shared history of international Geneva, at the crossroads of history, memory, and remembrance, is launched under the aegis of the FONSART (Foundation for the safeguard and valorization of the audiovisual heritage of the RTS).

geneveMonde.ch opens in a bilingual version (French/English) to reach the public in Geneva, French-speaking Switzerland, and abroad. geneveMonde.ch starts with first-rate editorial partners: the archives of the RTS, the Library and Archives of the United Nations in Geneva, the International Labour Organization, and the ICRC, as well as the HION network (History of international organizations network), which brings together numerous researchers in Switzerland and abroad on the history of international organizations. Other partnerships are underway with international organizations, NGOs, and institutions in Geneva. In addition to these editorial partners, there are supporting partners, including the Fondation pour Genève, the Diplomatic Club, and the Office of International Geneva, among others.

Moreover, the editorial approach of geneveMonde.ch is accompagnied by a scientific council bringing together specialists in international history (the University of Geneva and Graduate Institute), audiovisual archiving, teaching, and historical sciences.

The above image shows the visit to Geneva of the Deputy President of the African National Congress, Nelson Mandela, on the occasion of the 77th International Labour Conference, on 8 June 1990. geneveMonde.ch invites you to watch his entire speech and read its transcript here

Text provided by FONSART