Summer interview 2012 – Francis Gurry, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization

August 2012


What is going on this summer at WIPO?

We have had several important meetings. The first, which took place in Beijing in June, resulted in a new treaty protecting the performances of actors (audiovisual performances). Others are advancing work on new international instruments on improving access for the visually impaired to published works, on traditional knowledge and folklore and on designs. We are also advancing on physical property, with the construction of a new conference hall between the main building and our new building. It is a very interesting design and will, I hope, contribute to the beauty of Geneva.

Are you going on holiday?

I like being in Geneva in summer, but I shall also spend two weeks away.

In Geneva, what do you enjoy doing in the summer?

Swimming in the lake, which is one of the many blessings conferred by life in Geneva. Summer is also an opportunity for outdoor life – eating outside and walking the dogs in the countryside.

A place you like particularly, in Geneva or nearby?

La Capite, where one can walk seeing the countryside, the Alps, the Jura and the lake.

A book for this summer to recommend to our readers?

If they have not read it, The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas 



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