L'oeil de la Genève Internationale

Durch ein Bild eines renommierten Fotografen wird Ihnen jede Woche ein Thema vorgestellt, das mit einer aktuellen Veranstaltung des internationalen Genfs in Verbindung steht.



Le service de la Genève internationale vous souhaite de démarrer 2021 en fanfare!

Le 15 novembre 1920, la salle de la Réformation accueille la première assemblée de la Société des Nations. Une fanfare défile devant ses portes. Pour clore le centenaire de cet évènement, nous vous invitons à revisiter l'exposition mise en place par l’ONUG avec le soutien du canton:

18 December 2020

Based in Geneva, the International alliance for the protection of heritage in conflict areas (ALIPH) is the only global fund exclusively dedicated to the protection and rehabilitation of cultural heritage in conflict in post-conflict areas. After two years of operation, it is now financing over 100 projects in 22 countries for more than 35 million USD.

14 December 2020

Today, 30 November 2020, the CyberPeace Institute celebrates its first year of existence with the discussion "Achieving CyberPeace: a Collective Effort in Cyberspace and Beyond."

30 November 2020

The International Migration Organization (IOM) is holding its 111 Council Session from 24 to

24 November 2020

On 20 November 2020, the Young Activists Summit (#YAS20) will shine a spotlight on seven young activists who are advancing climate action, biodiversity, human rights, sustainable and ethical fashion issues.

13 November 2020

From 16 to 18 November, the Geneva Health Forum will convene key actors of global health and humanitarian action to tackle the most pressing global health challenges.

9 November 2020

Under the theme "Rebuilding trust after disruption: Pathways to reset international cooperation", the 2020 Geneva Peace Week edition is entirely held online from 2-6 November 2020. To join Live Sessions, register through the virtual lobby.

3 November 2020

Starting at 14:00 GVA on 2 November, DNDi and the COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition will jointly host the webinar "Responding to Covid-19 in Africa, the myths, the lessons, and the future".

30 October 2020

From 12 to 30 October, on the Place des Nations, the United Nations in Geneva celebrates 100 years of Multilateralism in Geneva. The exhibition presents the milestones and achievements of multilateral cooperation and highlights Geneva's role as a center of global governance.

26 october 2020

To celebrate United Nations Day and its 75th anniversary, the UN in Geneva is organizing the online event "The Future of Multilateralism: How Global Cooperation will evolve in the 21st Century", broadcast live on UNTV on Thursday 22 October at 3:30 pm.

19 October 2020

From 12 to 30 October, on the Place des Nations. The United Nations in Geneva celebrates 100 years of Multilateralism in Geneva. The exhibition presents the milestones and achievements of multilateral cooperation and highlights Geneva's role as a centre of global governance.

12 October 2020

The first Forum of Mayors organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) will take place on 6 October 2020. More than 40 city leaders from the UNECE region will gather at the Palais des Nations or connect virtually to share their responses to the challenges of urban life.

5 October 2020

On 16 September, the Graduate Institute and the Fondation pour Genève organize a "Round table on The Future of Internet Governance in Geneva" to discuss the future of Internet governance and the role Geneva can play in it.

14 September 2020

On 9 September, the free online congress "WSC Spotlight: Sepsis, Pandemics, and Antimicrobial Resistance – Global Health Threats of the 21st Century" will take place. Hosted by the World Health Organization and the Global Sepsis Alliance, it aims to discuss the state of the fight against sepsis worldwide.

7 September 2020

On 1 September, the ICRC organizes an all-day digital event composed of 7 thematic panels: Follow the Sun: A Digital Launch of the Data Protection Handbook (2nd ed.). "The objective of the event is to explore the opportunities and risks that an increasing digitalization of the humanitarian sector can bring, and to offer an insight on the importance of data protection to ‘do no harm’ in the digital era."

31 août 2020

The Geneva Cities Hub (GCH) launching event will take place on Tuesday 25 August at La Maison de la Paix. Supported by the Confederation, the canton, and the City of Geneva, the GCH aims to facilitate relations between global urban actors and Geneva-based international organizations, diplomatic missions, civil society organizations, and Academia.  It will coordinate its activities with city networks through partnerships. Should you not be registered, you may follow the event live here.

24 August 2020

From 28 to 29 July 2020, UNECE organized a "Virtual Workshop on designing legal frameworks for transboundary water cooperation" to assist countries and relevant stakeholders.

Magnum partner Peter Marlow took this picture of a boat sailing between Switzerland and France on the Leman Lake seen from Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2006.

27 July 2020

On 21 July, the Graduate Institute and the CEPR co-organize an online public talk by Professor Pierre Yared on his paper "Pandemic Lockdown: The Role of Government Commitment". His work focuses on the importance of credible rules that allow governments to curb a pandemic while limiting the economic costs of a lockdown.

20 July 2020

The 2020 WSIS Forum, co-organized by ITU, UNESCO, UNDP and UNCTAD, is a collaborative event aiming at fostering partnerships, information exchange, creation of knowledge and sharing of best practices on Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The online event will be ongoing until 31 August 2020.

13 July 2020