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A la une

Antonio Hodgers, President of the State Council, Republic and State of Geneva, #Standup4humanrights (November 2018)

Building International Geneva

A series of interviews with political and diplomatic personalities who express themselves on the dynamism of Geneva and its international community (2019).

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Au service de la planète

Discover United Nations humanitarian projects around the world in 15 3-minute episodes. Health, environment, disability, poverty: the series highlights the field work of organizations working under the aegis of the UN to help the most vulnerable people on our planet (RTS 2017).

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Geneva Conventions: working behind the scenes

This series details the behind-the-scenes and unheralded work of those who negotiate with the powerful of this world to ensure respect for humanitarian law in armed conflicts around the globe. Through interviews with actors on the ground, this short format shines the light on all those who, by their secret negotiations, contain the violence and facilitate the restoration of peace in the world (RTS 2015).

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International cooperation: a career

Discover, through the 3 minutes videos, portraits of women and men working for international organizations and NGOs in Geneva. In each episode, they speak about their jobs, their career and their motivations. This project was developed by the Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), in collaboration with the Swiss Confederation, the Republic and State of Geneva, the City of Geneva and the Fondation pour Genève (2013).

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